Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Defense: The Doctrine of Unclean Hands

Settlement is Reached in Two Cases
The Las Vegas Sun reports today that at least two victims of Righthaven LLC copyright lawsuits have filed responses asking the court to dismiss the lawsuits. Both victims cite the "the doctrine of unclean hands" as well.
Salzano also complained about Righthaven's legal tactics.
"Plaintiff brings these claims with unclean hands, which mandates dismissal of this action," Salzano wrote in court papers.
"The actions of plaintiff Righthaven in pursuing the instant action for copyright infringement smack of barratry," he wrote.
"Barratry" is defined by one dictionary as "the persistent incitement of litigation."
Attorney Sergio Salzano is representing Las Vegas real estate agent Michael J. Nelson.


  1. It's been a long time since law school, but every one of these looks vulnerable to a civil RICO countersuit. Damages could be quite high. I'd think some enterprising trial lawyers would want to take up the challenge.

  2. Can you please leave some relevant links about RICO, as it is a topic not understood by the common American.


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