Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

August 2010 Righthaven Victims

08/31/10P.O.W. Network and Charles Schantag - (Settlement) pownetwork.org
08/31/10Michael A. Nystrom (Dismissed) dailypaul.com
08/31/10Steven Gilbert - (Settlement) sweetness-light.com
08/31/10Brett Edmunds topfreeforum.com/nevadawrestling
08/31/10American Political Action Committee and Alan M. Gottlieb - (Settlement) ameripac.org
08/31/10David Kirvin, Kirvin Doak Communications and William Doak - (Settlement) kirvindoak.com
08/31/10Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee and William Gheen - (Settlement) ALIPAC.us
08/26/10Connie Hippendeeprootsintoughtimes.blogspot.com
08/26/10Linda Muller, Nathan Muller and Wehategringos.com - (Dismissed)wehategringos.com
08/26/10Jeff Buckner - (Settlement)jeffbuckner.us/mrchipper
08/26/10Churton A. Budd, Kelly Burkholder-Allen, MedicCom BBS and Paul P. Rega - (Settlement)projectdisaster.com
08/25/10Josephine Franklin - (Settlement)therightwingwarriors.wordpress.com
08/24/10Herbalscience Ltd, Himalaya Drug Co and Nabeel Manal - (Response) (Settlement)fighthangover.blogspot.com
08/24/10Alan Franciscus and Hepatitis C Support Project - (Settlement)hcvadvocate.org
08/18/10Chris Brown Web Network and Dominique Houston - (Dismissed)chrisbrownconnection.com
08/18/10Hush-Hush Entertainment, Inc. and PN Media, Inc. - (Dismissed)pornnewz.com
08/10/10David Allen and Democratic Underground, LLC - (Response & Counterclaim)democraticundergound.com
08/10/10Wayne Bellinger and Roman Sohor - (Dismissed)losetheradio.net
08/09/10Chuck Hoover and Internet Brands, Inc. - (Response) (Settlement)corvetteforum.com
08/09/10Fred Pruitt - (creator of bottomfeeder.org) (Settlement)rantburg.com
08/09/10Daniel Cirucci - (Settlement)dancirucci.blogspot.com
08/09/10Stephen Meenehan - (Settlement)informationliberation.com
08/09/10Thomas A. DiBiase - (Response & Counterclaim)nobodycases.com
08/06/10Margaret Soltan - (Settlement)margaretsoltan.com
08/06/10Tom Johnson and Alan Potasnikrollcallamerica.com
08/06/10Ronald Baxter, Buy Dog Beds and TEB Media (Dismissed)buydogbeds.org
08/05/10Center For Intercultural Organizing and Kayse Jama (Ruling)interculturalorganizing.org
08/05/10Second Amendment Sisters, Inc., Lee Ann Tarducci and Marinelle Thompson2asisters.org


  1. Hey there, I'm one of the targets. Righthaven is doing this on an assembly line basis to get economies of scale; we need to do the same to get economies of scale on defense. Individually, none of can probably afford the money to beat them. Collectively, we can. Please email me at clayton@claytoncramer.com, so we can coordinate. I've gotten a very fair rate (as these things go) from a prominent copyright law firm, but we need more of you to join us so that we can get economies of scale.

  2. I'm one of the targets as well. Steve Stern

  3. The is a need for a site like this. The use of The Court of Public Opinion sometimes can have an influence.

  4. Uodated some features and the look and feel today. Please keep suggestions coming.

  5. Does anyone know what people that don't have any money are doing to defend themselves?

  6. I am sorry, but I do not. You may wish to contact AW:

  7. I'm not yet a target and I don't want to get on their radar, so I'm not using my name or my website here. However, I do want to urge people to stick together on this. I really believe they will be shut down once a few suits make it to court. There failure to send take-down letters, their disregard for fair use rules, and their blatant attempt to turn the federal courts into a revenue stream all show how illegitimate this operation is. I have contacted Clayton at his email above and I will contact anyone else who posts contact info here.

    Thank you to the founder of this blog. You are doing a public service in defense of the 1st amendment.

  8. perhaps we could start a petition. it may not mean much but there are many supporters of these victims.

  9. A petition may help indeed. Please contact me here: righthavenvictims@gmail.com

  10. Hi! I'm not a victim of one of these predatory newspapers (and Righthaven), but I just found out about this issue and I appreciate your efforts! In addition to getting the Newspaper blacklist posted prominently on all bloggers' web sites (including your own), one idea might be to work with EFF, Alex Jones, DailyPaul, and other sites/orgs with big followings who have been attacked by these newspapers and form a working group where volunteers try to get any and all links and references to these predatory newspapers removed so as not to draw any traffic to these sites. You may want to have local groups contact some of the main advertisers of a predatory newspaper to let them know what this newspaper is doing to groups all over the country.


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