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Thursday, September 2, 2010

ALIPAC Responds to Ambush Copyright Lawsuit

Read the ALIPAC press release in full:
ALIPAC's archives have revolutionized the Internet's long term memory on subjects regarding illegal immigration. The archives are utilized without charge by American citizens, lawmakers, candidates, reporters, law enforcement agents, students, and others seeking greater knowledge about this important national issue.
"For American citizens to make proper choices and to be able to understand a complex political issue like illegal immigration, they need full access to articles and information across a period of many years," said William Gheen. "Our non-profit political action committee will not stop providing this service to American citizens as our volunteer work is a critical element of a national political debate. We are seeking legal representation today to defend our rights and to look into filing lawsuits against Righthaven and the Las Vegas Review-Journal for attempting to violate our Civil Rights and trying to prevent our public participation."
"We will not allow ourselves or the online communities of America debating political issues to be intimidated or silenced by the aggressive legal ambush tactics of Righthaven and Las Vegas Review-Journal," said William Gheen.
See: Press release in full

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