Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Owner of Righthaven Victims Blog Website Goes on the Record

Texas Woman Emerges as Vocal Critic of Copyright Lawsuit Firm
Colleen Lynn is an admitted copyright infringer — at least by the standards of Las Vegas newspaper copyright enforcement company Righthaven LLC.
The Austin, Texas, woman hasn’t been sued by Righthaven, but in recent weeks she has emerged as one of the most vocal behind-the-scenes critics of Righthaven’s lawsuit campaign in which at least 117 bloggers and website operators have been hit with lawsuits since March.
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  1. Ignore Righthaven & the RJ and go after the advertisers. You should have a click-a-thon... with other victims... and all of your friends... click on every ad... and write boycott letters to the advertisers. Let them know you will click their ad budgets dry... and continue to communicate with the advertisers over and over and over. Post lists of advertisers so people know who to avoid doing business with. Let the advertisers know that this whole thing is an abuse of the already overloaded court system because the publisher doesnt know how to use the Internet in a creative enough way to save his dying newspaper and his Corvette analogy proves his ignorance.

    In addition to boycotting advertisers, they should know that the publisher's actions are making their ad dollars worth less and less every day because people are REMOVING links to the RJ from their web sites and treating the RJ like like the poria they are. Fight back already would ya???? For crying out loud... kick him where it hurts: The wallet!! FIGHT BACK!!


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