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Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 2010 Righthaven Victims

10/29/10Paul Stewart harlanforum.net
10/29/10Randolph Grant - (Dismissed) spiceislandertalkshop.com
10/29/10Richard Kwei and RK, Inc. 987forum.com
10/29/10Alex James -(Dismissed) coolwickedstuff.com
10/29/10Jim Horn and Stephen Krashen - (Dismissed) schoolsmatter.info
10/29/10Duncan Shields - (Dismissed) intmensorg.info
10/29/10Thomas J. Leyden - (Settlement) formerskinhead.blogspot.com
10/26/10Bob Drascal and The Ad Network, Inc. - (Settlement) celeb-gossips.info
10/26/10James Karban - (Dismissed) thewebcredit.com
10/20/10Imperial Hotel Management College, Inc. - (Dismissed) ihmc.ca
10/20/10Flagstone Patio and Robert Sulimanov - (Sued Twice) flagstonepatio.org
10/20/10Jerry Bacon and Starrtrack Electronics, Inc.  explorethelaw.com
10/20/10Browseblog and Nicole Hociung - (Settlement) browseblog.com
10/20/10RateMyCop.com and Gino Sesto - (Settlement) RateMyCop.Com
10/20/10Gaminglaptops and Taylor Hawes wpparty.com
10/12/10Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Building Association and Walt Schmidt - (Response) (Settlement) ble-t.org
10/12/10Keeva Segal and The Second Amendment Foundation - (Settlement womenshooters.com
10/12/10Garry Newman - (Dismissed) - (Dismissed Appeals case) facepunch.com
10/12/10Scott Arpajian - (Settlement) idisappoint.com
10/12/10James Matthews and Muscle Cars of America musclecarsofamerica.com
10/06/10Ian Howells and Mr News Breaker mrnewsbreaker.com
10/06/10Bill Hyatt - (Dismissed) 1ce.org

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