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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review-Journal Publisher and Sidekick Who Sued Bloggers Demoted

The Internet community has spoken and we have been heard.

Las Vegas Publisher and Editor Who Sued Bloggers is Out of a Job
Sherman Frederick, the once powerful publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal daily newspaper and his sidekick editor Thomas Mitchell have found themselves out of a job. The two powerful positions thought to be invincible found out last week they were anything but invincible. The statement from the newspaper was just as non-committal as possible.
The shakeup in the top ranks of the paper were attributed to "going in a different business direction." However, informed sources said the firing and demotions came as a surprise with no advance warnings. Reporters in the newsroom busy scouring sources for news leads didn't even see it coming. Frederick, who was also CEO of Stephens Media Group, the owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal, was dismissed from that position.
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On November 12, Righthaven LLC filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Peter Dierks, TZ Holdings LLC and Robert J. Zumbrunnen. Let us all hope that this is the last Righthaven lawsuit.


  1. Here is the Nov 12 Las Vegas Sun article --

    Review-Journal Publisher Sherman Frederick, Editor Thomas Mitchell out


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