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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Righthaven Victim Robert Zumbrunnen: "There Will Be No Settlement"

Righthaven Settles with Sharron Angle over R-J Story Posting
One of the Righthaven defendants sued last week, Robert Zumbrunnen, said Wednesday he plans to fight the suit against him.
"It's obvious they don't really want a fight. Unfortunately, I rather enjoy a knock-down drag-out and they did swing first.
"They've been scratching out a living catching minnows in nets and have decided to test deeper waters with me. Or they have no clue that they're trying to intimidate not the average blogger here, but a grey-bearded guy who's been around the block more times than he can count.
"The average blogger is likely not very well-versed in the legal realities of online publishing, so my guess is they're hoping that I'm also not, and further hoping I have deep enough pockets to help line theirs but not deep enough to pay the real sharks (lawyers) to take care of these things.
"They chose poorly. There will be no settlement.
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Go get'em Zumbrunnen!

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