Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
Righthaven lawsuitsTo date Righthaven has been ordered to pay $323,138 in legal fees and sanctions.Righthaven lawsuits

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Faces and Roles of Righthaven Victims

No rational justification can be made by Gibson or anyone else that these persons were deservedly sued for $75,000-$150,000.

Righthaven, the Review-Journal and the Denver Post can only offer irrational justifications for the continued filing of copyright infringement lawsuits, commonly known as 'shakedown' lawsuits. The idea, for instance, that bloggers, like Allegra Wong and non-profits, like the Center for Intercultural Organizing are financially crippling newspapers by diverting large amounts of traffic away from their websites is irrational. Equating actions of infringers to Grand Theft Auto is also clearly irrational.

Journalists, lawyers, bloggers and activists who do not buy into these irrational justifications have called Righthaven: copyright trolls, copyright extortionists, a copyright litigation factoryparasitic bottom feeders, a shakedown operation, the alter ego of R-J, un-American, shameful, engaging in unclean hands, entrapmentbarratry, champerty and more. No justification or spin attempt by Steve Gibson, the Review-Journal or the Denver Post can mask the behemoth elephant in the room.

2010 Partial Listing

Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim
Righthaven victimRighthaven victimRighthaven victim

2010 Complete Listing

MARNational Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) norml.org
MoneyReign, Inc. casinoreign.com
APRIndustrial Wind Action Corp and Johnathan S. Linowes windaction.org
Jeffrey H. Wegener, Tony Karpinski, Vegas Marketing Group, Vincent Chan and William D. Foote vegastopdogs.com
Mark Chavez thelobolair.comnews.php
MajorWager.com, Inc. majorwager.com
Matt Farnham and Omnia Alliance, LLC mattfarnham.com
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Inc. (CREW) crewsmostcorrupt.org
MAYRon Futrell  localslovevegas.com
Odds On Racing, Dana Parham and Robin Schadt oddsonracing.com
ACDC-Bootlegs and Nate Althoff acdc-bootlegs.com
Bisig Impact Group, Inc. and Aaron Frisbee southerngaming.com
Barry Meyer and Tuff-N-Uff Productions, Inc.  tuffnuff.net
Swadeep Nigam  vegasdesi.com
Ozean Group hotelnewsresource.com
Andre McCollough vegasbubble.com
Jan Klerk and Stichting Wolkenkrabbers  skyscrapercity.com
Adam H. Meyer and Real Money Sports, Inc. adamwins.comindex.cfm
Barry Cohen and Portside, Inc. portside.org
Patrick Goff and Goff Associates hoteldesigns.co.uk
Enterprise Funding, LLC and Jeffery Makinen statfox.com
Jack D. Wooden madjacksports.com
Ecological Internet, Inc. forests.org
Robert Peterson and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada planaction.e-actionmax.com
KillerFrogs.com, Inc. killerfrogs.com
Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm P.C.  dallasfortworthinjurylawyer.com
JUNMary J. Santilli mjsbigblog.com
Robert Walter Hunt, Jeffrey L. Nelson, South Coast Partner, Inc. and Taloa Inc. taloa.com
Hyde Park Communications, Inc. safeandsecureig.org
Honor, Inc. and Evelyn McKnight oneandonlycampaign.org
Dean Mostofi deanmostofi.com
Ronald Gollner rgryan.vox.com
David J. Della Terza, Nathan E. Palmer and Vote For The Worst, LLC votefortheworst.com
Christopher Falkenberg and Insite Security, Inc. insitesecurity.com
Ben Jones thehousingbubbleblog.com
Michael Stotts and Vegas Backstage Access  vbablogger.com
Abby Nixon and Vannix Communications Group, Inc. vanitytours.com
Max Frost and Salem Communications Corporation blogtownhall.com
Michael J. Nelson, Realty One Group, Inc. and David Tina  featuredblog.com
Larry C. Johnson and No Quarter noquarterusa.net
Lisa Mielke and Melissa Prepster eaglesfans.com
John Thomas wisewagering.com
Fullthrottletv.net and Brien Smith fullthrottletv.net
Anthony Curtis and LVA In The Media media.lvablog.com
American Society of Safety Engineers and Jack Spackman centralfl.asse.org
Domains By Proxy (Bill Miller) crimenews2000.com
Commerce CRG Utah, LLC, Commerce Consolidated, LLC and Rodney Gibson comre.com
Brian Lojeck whatbrianthinksaboutlasvegas.com
Stern and Company, Inc. and Steve D. Stern asternglance.com
Joseph G. Shaker and Shaker Advertising Agency vegasjobs.com
RX Advertising, Inc. and The Prescription, LLC therxforum.com
Pregame, LLC, R.J. Bell and Randall J. Busack  pregame.com
Off Shore Gaming Association and James Quigley osga.com
Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada mranracing.com
EMTCity.com and Christopher J. Malley emtcity.com
Allegra Wong and Emerson Wong allegrawong.com
JULEzekiel Kennard, Marc Lee and Serkadis.comserkadis.com
Americans For Immigration Reform and Greater Houston Partnership, Inc.americansforimmigrationreform.com
Inkonet Networks, Inkosonic Networks, Antonio Larosa and Sonicvibes Entertainment, LLCwnytruthers.org
Justin Beech and Silver Matrix, LLCdslreports.com
Ryan Burrage and Jerry Ryburgjerryryburg.com
Paula Bliss gamblingmojo.com
Anthony Fiato af11.wordpress.com
Free Speech Systems LLC and Alex Jonesprisonplanet.com
Assured Lender Services, Inc. and Tina Suihkonen assuredlenderservices.wordpress.com
David Burnett, Clayton E. Cramer and The Armed Citizen  thearmedcitizen.com
Americans For Democratic Action, Inc. and Don Kusler  adaction.org
Stranger Than Fiction and Erin Wilcox strangerthanfiction.org
Kevin Kelleher pa-announcer.blogspot.com
Free Republic, LLC, James C. Robinson and John Robinson freerepublic.com
Robert Laidlaw, Sportbikes.net and Verticalscope USA, Inc.  sportbikes.net
Danny Downey windowintopalestine.blogspot.com
William Irvine and The Above Network, LLC theabovenetwork.com
Question Authority and Isaac Rosete iquestionauthority.com
Marion Valentine marionsword.spaces.live.com
Biker News and Fred Bouzek bikernews.net
Breakdown of America and Stacy Nason breakdownofamerica.com
Pennwell Corporation pennenergy.com
Collegestarters and David Williams-Pinkney collegestarters.com
Democratic Party of Nevada nvdems.com
Ted Joseph, Odds on Recording Studios, Inc. and Walter B. Simmons II oddsonrecording.com
Gavin M. Ernstone, Joe Herrera, Omnia Alliance, LLC and SVRE, LLC inside-real-estate.com/joeherrera
Independent Political Report and Charles C. Martin independentpoliticalreport.com
Howard Heys luxejewelryblogs.com
Thomas J. Finn IV and Freaks Sports & Gambling Forum freaksforum.com
AUGP.O.W. Network and Charles Schantag pownetwork.org
Michael A. Nystrom dailypaul.com
Steven Gilbert sweetness-light.com
Brett Edmunds topfreeforum.com/nevadawrestling
American Political Action Committee and Alan M. Gottlieb ameripac.org
David Kirvin, Kirvin Doak Communications and William Doak kirvindoak.com
Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee and William Gheen ALIPAC.us
Connie Hippendeeprootsintoughtimes.blogspot.com
Linda Muller, Nathan Muller and Wehategringos.comwehategringos.com
Jeff Bucknerjeffbuckner.us/mrchipper
Churton A. Budd, Kelly Burkholder-Allen, MedicCom BBS and Paul P. Regaprojectdisaster.com
Josephine Franklintherightwingwarriors.wordpress.com
Herbalscience Ltd, Himalaya Drug Co and Nabeel Manal fighthangover.blogspot.com
Alan Franciscus and Hepatitis C Support Projecthcvadvocate.org
Chris Brown Web Network and Dominique Houstonchrisbrownconnection.com
Hush-Hush Entertainment, Inc. and PN Media, Inc.pornnewz.com
David Allen and Democratic Underground, LLCdemocraticundergound.com
Wayne Bellinger and Roman Sohorlosetheradio.net
Chuck Hoover and Internet Brands, Inc.corvetteforum.com
Fred Pruittrantburg.com
Daniel Ciruccidancirucci.blogspot.com
Stephen Meenehaninformationliberation.com
Thomas A. DiBiasenobodycases.com
Margaret Soltanmargaretsoltan.com
Center For Intercultural Organizing and Kayse Jamainterculturalorganizing.org
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc., Lee Ann Tarducci and Marinelle Thompson2asisters.org
Tom Johnson and Alan Potasnikrollcallamerica.com
Ronald Baxter, Buy Dog Beds and TEB Mediabuydogbeds.org
SEPLarry Scott vawatchdog.org
Don W. Joe asianam.org
Jim Snyder, Philip Van Cleave and Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. vcdl.org
National Wind Watch, Inc. wind-watch.org
Climate Change Fraud, Thomas Neveu and Thomas Richard  climatechangedispatch.com
Michael Easton and Puget Sound Radio pugetsoundradio.com
Michael Leon and Medbillz veteranstoday.com
AR15.com, Edward Avila and Juan Avila AR15.com
Michael Rucker MNGunTalk.com
Rod Brooks and I Am a 911 Operator iama911operator.org
Don T. Bradshaw and Barry Shermer bootlegbetty.com
Thomas Chandler chandlerswatch.com
Automotive.com, LLC and Source Interlink Media, LLC motortrend.com
Shad Applegate, Burak Baskan, EMP Media, Inc. and Neil Infante  eroticmp.com
Travis Nagle and Donald K. Schultz donatdawn.com
Ralph R. Roberts and Ralph Roberts Realty, LLC flippingfrenzy.com
Paul Anthony Parson americangunowners.net
Bonnier Corporation and Clay Cooper  fieldandstream.com
Maren Scaccia, Michael Scaccia and Pahrump Life pahrumplife.org
Alex Malinsky, Michael Petrushansky and Rawguru, Inc. rawguru.com
Hawaii Tourism Association, Inc. and Juergen T. Steinmetz eTurboNews.com
America’s Independent Party of Iowa and Thomas Hoefling aipnews.com
Billy Bob Wells texasprocessservers.blogspot.com
Rad Geek Enterprises and Charles W. Johnson libertarianleft.org
John Glenn johnglennmbci.blogspot.com
The United States Marijuana Party and Richard J. Rawlings usmjparty.com
Kathryn B. Lord find-a-sweetheart.com
Gregory Robinson and Trauma Intervention Program of Southern Nevada, Inc. tipoflasvegas.org
U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle sharronangle.com
Americans Against Food Taxes, Goddard Clausen Public Affairs, Inc. and Ben Goddard nofoodtaxes.com
OCTPaul Stewart harlanforum.net
Randolph Grant spiceislandertalkshop.com
Richard Kwei and RK, Inc. 987forum.com
Alex James coolwickedstuff.com
Jim Horn and Stephen Krashen schoolsmatter.info
Duncan Shields intmensorg.info
Thomas J. Leyden formerskinhead.blogspot.com
Bob Drascal and The Ad Network, Inc. celeb-gossips.info
James Karban thewebcredit.com
Imperial Hotel Management College, Inc. ihmc.ca
Flagstone Patio and Robert Sulimanov flagstonepatio.org
Jerry Bacon and Starrtrack Electronics, Inc.  explorethelaw.com
Browseblog and Nicole Hociung browseblog.com
RateMyCop.com and Gino Sesto RateMyCop.Com
Gaminglaptops and Taylor Hawes wpparty.com
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Building Association and Walt Schmidt ble-t.org
Keeva Segal and The Second Amendment Foundation  womenshooters.com
Garry Newman facepunch.com
Scott Arpajian idisappoint.com
James Matthews and Muscle Cars of America musclecarsofamerica.com
Ian Howells and Mr News Breaker mrnewsbreaker.com
Bill Hyatt 1ce.org
NOVAssociated Newspapers Limiteddailymail.co.uk
Yen Lee, P. Ling and Threeall, Inc.simplegreenchoices.com
Howard Larrabee and The Tattoo Guidetattooswithmeaning.com
John Leighton and Leighton Law, P.A.  resortinjurylawyerblog.com
Carbon Athletics and Cody Faeth  themorningwoodnews.com
Vitaliy Levit and Recess Mobile, Inc. coachesjournal.com
Sitestowatchmovies.info and David Walker sitestowatchmovies.info
Gertie Beth, Fan Sites Network, Jennifer M. Frisby and Robert L. Frisby jabbawockeez.org
Connected Nation, Inc. connectednation.org
Arthur Kalandarov, VXPOSE, LLC and Robert Sulimanov wickesfurniture.org
Bert L. Howe & Associates, Inc. and James Howe constructiondefectjournal.com
Shawn Herrin and Viewwerx, Inc. bloodyflix.com
Peter Dierks, TZ Holdings, LLC and Robert J. Zumbrunnen siliconinvestor.advfn.com
DECDaniel Benedix and Tucson DUI News and Attorneystucsonduiattorney.biz
Motown Muscle, Inc.motownmuscle.com
Charles Cokerccoker.net
Eric Lipman legalblogwatch.typepad.com
Andrea Brennen, Justmeans and Martin Smithjustmeans.com
Peter May-Ostendorpposthumancondition.com
Kathleen Peddle reactorfire.wordpress.com
D. Scott Davis Jr.videoenhancedweb.com
Ed Estes and Estes Design Groupedestesdesign.wordpress.com
John Lundberg and Mark Pilkingtonstrangeattractor.co.uk
Azkar Choudhry and Pak.orgpaklinks.com
Carl Burrell and Flick & Teaflickandtea.com
Daniel Barham and Urban Neighbourhoodurbanneighbourhood.com
Keith Combsblog.technet.com/b/keithcombs
Matt Drudge and DrudgeReportArchives.comdrudgereportarchives.com
Dana Eiserlowcountry912.wordpress.com


  1. Was it a good idea for the RJ to pay some laywers to figure out a way to sue these companies?

    How much revenue was made, after legal fees? How much ad revenue will be lost by these companies most likely never advertising with the RJ again?

    It's a shame that the RJ would choose to punish these folks, for doing nothing wrong, without any warning.

  2. what is messed up is Righthaven being allowed to find stuff on the net on websites. then buy the copyright, then sue.
    IT would seem to any judge that they are in the wrong for buying something already published just to get their greedy hands on money, which both LV and Denver papers are losing because more people read online or listen to the radio and watch TV than buy a newspaper anymore. sales of ads are down so they have to find some way to try to screw the people outta money.

    I say this is nothing more than a SCAM


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