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Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 2010 Righthaven Victims

07/30/10Ryan Burrage and Jerry Ryburg - (Response) (Dismissed)jerryryburg.com
07/29/10Ezekiel Kennard, Marc Lee and Serkadis.com - (Dismissed)serkadis.com
07/29/10Americans For Immigration Reform and Greater Houston Partnership, Inc. - (Settlement)americansforimmigrationreform.com
07/29/10Inkonet Networks, Inkosonic Networks, Antonio Larosa and Sonicvibes Entertainment, LLC - (Dismissed)wnytruthers.org
07/29/10Justin Beech and Silver Matrix, LLC - (Response) (Settlement)dslreports.com
07/26/10Paula Bliss gamblingmojo.com
07/26/10Anthony Fiato (Dismissed) af11.wordpress.com
07/21/10Americans For Democratic Action, Inc. and Don Kusler - (Settlement) adaction.org
07/21/10Free Speech Systems LLC and Alex Jones - (Settlement)prisonplanet.com
07/20/10Assured Lender Services, Inc. and Tina Suihkonen - (Settlement) assuredlenderservices.wordpress.com
07/20/10David Burnett, Clayton E. Cramer and The Armed Citizen - (Settlement) thearmedcitizen.com
07/19/10Stranger Than Fiction and Erin Wilcox - (Settlement) strangerthanfiction.org
07/19/10Free Republic, LLC, James C. Robinson and John Robinson - (Settlement) freerepublic.com
07/16/10Kevin Kelleher - (Response) pa-announcer.blogspot.com
07/15/10Robert Laidlaw, Sportbikes.net and Verticalscope USA, Inc. - (Settlement) sportbikes.net
07/15/10Florida Oil Spill Law and Grant N. Grand - (Settlement) floridaoilspilllaw.com
07/15/10Danny Downey windowintopalestine.blogspot.com
07/14/10William Irvine and The Above Network, LLC - (Settlement) theabovenetwork.com
07/14/10Question Authority and Isaac Rosete - (Dismissed) iquestionauthority.com
07/14/10Marion Valentine - (Dismissed) marionsword.spaces.live.com
07/14/10Breakdown of America and Stacy Nason - (Settlement) breakdownofamerica.com
07/12/10Biker News and Fred Bouzek - (Settlement) bikernews.net
07/09/10Pennwell Corporation pennenergy.com
07/09/10Collegestarters and David Williams-Pinkney - (Dismissed) collegestarters.com
07/09/10Democratic Party of Nevada - (Response) nvdems.com
07/08/10Ted Joseph, Odds on Recording Studios, Inc. and Walter B. Simmons II oddsonrecording.com
07/08/10Independent Political Report and Charles C. Martin - (Settlement) independentpoliticalreport.com
07/07/10Howard Heys luxejewelryblogs.com
07/07/10Thomas J. Finn IV and Freaks Sports & Gambling Forum freaksforum.com
07/06/10Gavin M. Ernstone, Joe Herrera, Omnia Alliance, LLC and SVRE, LLC inside-real-estate.com/joeherrera