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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Counterclaims Stack Up Against Righthaven; Latest Asserts Malicious Prosecution Claim

Copyright Lawsuit Defendant Hits Righthaven with Counterclaim
The South Carolina attorneys filed a counterclaim Friday in Charleston, S.C., federal court against Righthaven that, among other things, accuses Righthaven of violating South Carolina’s Unfair Trade Practices Act when it sued Dana Eiser of Summerville, S.C., after a Denver Post column was posted on her nonprofit website.
The counterclaim says: “Defendant hereby serves notice of an intention to move for sanctions for frivolous and improper behavior under (the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and to assert a malicious prosecution claim upon the termination of these proceedings in her favor.”
Other Righthaven news:
  • Daniel Barham of Montreal and an entity called Urban Neighbourhood, both associated with the nonprofit website urbanneighbourhood.com, also filed a counterclaim against Righthaven.
  • Former Righthaven defendant Nathan Muller is offering his services as an Internet expert to help people facing copyright infringement claims. His related website is located at: thewebdefender.com.
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