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Friday, March 4, 2011

Eiser Team Releases More Correspondence; Righthaven Drops Domain Seizure Demand

Righthaven Defendant Cites Lies, Releases Correspondence
In a letter from Fenno to one of Eiser's attorneys, J. Todd Kincannon, Fenno asked what grounds Eiser may sue Fenno for and said there was no basis for abuse of process, malicious prosecution or defamation claims.
"If you are considering filing suit against my firm or me, I request that you set forth the grounds in a letter to my attention (or even in a draft complaint for me to review) and give us a chance to explain our side of the facts and law before you actually proceed with filing a suit," Fenno wrote.
That drew a heated response from Kincannon, who wrote back: "Did you give my client that opportunity? Did you send Dana Eiser a list of things you were planning to sue her for prior to filing?"
"You should be embarrassed to ask for a courtesy you didn’t show my client prior to suing her...
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  1. I want you all to look at the information I have presented here.


    This is very important as it reveals about Righthaven's Code of Conduct violations and should be sent to the Nevada Bar Counsel.


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