Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 2011 Righthaven Victims

03/30/11BuzzFeed Inc., Jonah Peretti and Gavon Laessig - (Dismissed)buzzfeed.com
03/30/11Iconix Brand Group Inc., Roc Apparel Group LLC dba Rocawear and Monique Balcarranroc4life.com
03/30/11Leland Wolf and It Makes Sense Blogitmakessenseblog.com
03/28/10Neil Rosekransstatebrief.com
03/28/10A Small Corner of Sanity and Christopher Szazasmallcornerofsanity.com
03/28/10Uberpix.net and Hetal Jannu - (Settlement)uberpix.net
03/25/11Shining Sea Communications Inc., Alaska TravelGram and Scott Douglas McMurren - (Settlement)alaskatravelgram.com
03/25/11Alicia F. Lukebarracudabrigade.blogspot.com
03/25/11Rachel Bjorklund and Thoughts From A Conservative MomThoughtsfromaconservativemom.com
03/25/11Eriq Gardnerarstechnica.com
03/24/11Christopher Mahon and Ambidextrous Civic Discourseambidextrouscivicdiscourse.com
03/24/11Ran Decisions Inc. and Ben Schlappigboardingarea.com
03/23/11Dogster Inc., Ted Rheingold and Maria Goodavage - (Settlement)dogster.com
03/21/11Michael (aka Erin Breig)hoodtmz.blogspot.com
03/17/11Trinity Visions Media, LLC, Street Grind Entertainment, Inc. and Mteteaji Carnesstreetgrind.com
03/08/11Donald Douglasamericanpowerblog.blogspot.com
03/08/11Fugly Media, LLC and Jeff Mezickfugly.com
03/08/11Tamer Mahrousthehappyhospitalist.blogspot.com
03/04/11Clifford Hoelz, Internet Business Center, LLC and Timothy Alexander - (Settlement)island-adv.com
03/04/11Pantheon Promotions, Inc. and Nathaniel Baconnewsnet14.com
03/04/11Recommended Reading, Inc., Christopher McGill, Nathaniel - (Settlement)mixx.com
03/04/11Skyword Inc. and Rose Castlegather.com
03/04/11Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd., Metroland Media Group Ltd. and Torstar Corporationthespec.com
03/03/11Pamela Spaulding - (Settlement)pamshouseblend.com
03/03/11Don Tuthill and Q Communications, Inc. - (Dismissed)passportmagazine.com


  1. The reason why I am so interested in this story is because Righthaven and their ilk are an absolute threat to the Internet itself. The internet is the greatest manifestation of fair use the world has ever seen. Without fair use the internet would be imposible.

    When you put an image out on the internet in order send the image from one place to another it is copied in several network's servers, proxy servers, routers, switches, hubs, and even on every person's hard-drive that simply views the image. All of this copying is an implied consent given by the copyright holder when they place an image on the internet.

    In thier infinite stupidity Congress passed the DMCA having not a clue about technology or how the Internet works. They unwittingly signed the Internet's death warrant when they passed that bill. The only saving grace is that the DMCA is not enforced on any massive scale. If it was then the death sentence would be carried out. Righthaven takes advantage of this inherent conflict between the DMCA and the Internet as a means to make money but if ever their tactics become the rule instead of an exception the Internet will cease to exist in any meaningful or popular form.

  2. Since Righthaven is a bunch of criminals you need to watch endgame documentary by Director Alex Jones.


  3. I want you all to look at the information I have presented here.


    This is very important as it reveals about Righthaven's Code of Conduct violations and should be sent to the Nevada Bar Counsel.

  4. The person who wrote this is who must file with the Nevada Bar. I doubt the bar takes anonymous letters. Moreover, when you file, the attorney on the other end IMMEDIATELY gets a copy along with all of the filer's contact information. Who do you think runs state bars? LAWYERS. While it varies from state to state, they do protect their own.

  5. It seems like Righthaven has switched tactics again. Looks like they are concentration more on businesses and less on small time bloggers. They may have finally realized going after people with no money is not a way to make money. The risk to them now though is that businesses have more resources to fight however most businesses just settle anyway.

  6. Gather was a given after Care2 got nailed.

    Singleton is building quite the legacy for himself. All hell will break loose if the AP signs on as an RH client. Then again, I guess this would force MORE news outlets to join the AP (become paying subscribers) making it an even bigger watered down news organization (typically used for "filler" copy).

    Check this out from 2009:

    The list of major newspapers that have announced their divorce from the Associated Press is substantial: the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, the New York Daily News, the Tribune papers in L.A., Chicago, and elsewhere. And others are mulling their options.
    In the comments on one of our posts, I heard about one paper that had already cut AP entirely out of its pages: The Norwalk Reflector, a 9,000-circ daily between Toledo and Cleveland in northern Ohio. Publisher Andy Prutsok decided two years ago, shortly after taking office, to drop out of AP, which was costing the paper $48,000 a year.

  7. Oops, here's the link:

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