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Friday, March 18, 2011

Former Righthaven Defendant, Michael Nystrom, Shares Story After Case is Dismissed

After Judge Mahan dismissed the case against Michael Nystrom, the owner and operator of DailyPaul.com, he created a blog post about the experience. Nystrom's story provides a first-hand telling of what being sued by Righthaven encompassed for him. He offers details about his case, other cases and hard-earned insights into Righthaven's shakedown business model. We thank Michael for sharing his account. Most other defendants either can't share their experience or are too afraid to.

Righthaven vs. Michael Nystrom / Daily Paul DISMISSED by Federal Judge
By Michael Nystrom
Last Tuesday U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan ordered the dismissal of Righthaven's lawsuit against me and the Daily Paul. As you may recall, copyright troll and legal terrorist Righthaven sued me on August 31st of last year, demanding $75,000 and forfeiture of this domain name to them. I first learned of the action from Steve Green of the Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas's good newspaper. Righthaven itself is a partnership between seedy Vegas lawyer Steve Gibson and Vegas's evil newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal. They have combined forces to shakedown unsuspecting bloggers in a last gasp attempt to secure revenue for the dying newspaper industry, using a suspect "business model" that goes like this:

Step 1: Righthaven uses its "proprietary technology" (probably Google) to look for potentially infringing LVRJ content that has been reproduced on third party blogs or websites. In my case it was less than half of an article by a faux libertarian LVRJ columnist that was uploaded to the Daily Paul by a member of the DP community...
See: Article in full

Hats off to Michael Nystrom! May you now get back to the business of running DailyPaul.com!

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