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Friday, March 18, 2011

Righthaven Loses Second Fair Use Ruling in Case Against Oregon Nonprofit

Righthaven Loses Second Fair Use Ruling Over Copyright Lawsuits
Just over an hour ago, the Las Vegas Sun reported that U.S. District Judge James Mahan ruled that the Oregon nonprofit, Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO), did not infringe on copyrights after it posted an entire Las Vegas Review-Journal story on its website.
An Oregon nonprofit did not infringe on copyrights when it posted without authorization an entire Las Vegas Review-Journal story on its website, a judge ruled Friday.
"Righthaven is not using the copyright the same way the R-J used it. Righthaven is using it to support a lawsuit," Mahan said.
This type of copyright use has a chilling effect on free speech and doesn't advance a purpose of the federal Copyright Act, which is to encourage and protect creativity, Mahan said.
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[Mahan added: "I realize this is going to be appealed. I tell litigators 'that's why God created San Francisco'" -- home of the federal appeals court.]

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  1. Righthaven says it costs too much to send take-down notices but the cost is minuscule compared to the enormous cost they are about to face over appealing these cases and fighting the mounting counter-suits.

    Let this be a lesson to all copyright holders. Send the take-down letter before proceeding with a lawsuit.


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