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Monday, March 14, 2011

Righthaven Victim Petitions Judge to Dismiss Lawsuit; Starts Facebook Page

Righthaven defendant Brian Hill recently created a petition on the Care2 Petitionsite -- Care2.com was vicitmized by Righthaven in January -- directed at Judge Kane to dismiss the lawsuit against him. The reasons why include: "Brian Hill broke no copyright law. The usage of the TSA Enhanced Patdown Photo was for educational, political, bringing out the news, and non commercial purposes thus exempted from Copyright Law under Fair Use."

Hill also created a Facebook public event titled, "Boycott Righthaven newspapers and petition Colorado Court." A separate Facebook page, Stop the LVRJ/Righthaven Witch Hunt, was started last year after Righthaven teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. We encourage readers to sign Hill's petition and to offer support on both Facebook pages to increase visibility of the injustice that Righthaven and its partners continue to inflict upon innocent infringers.


  1. I am Brian's grandmother, also disabled, and I can tell you that this effects the victim in very bad ways. Brian's brittle diabetes has gotten worse. Not in going high, but moslty now in going very low (don't know if he's so worred that he's not eating much). Usually when he's upset, his glucose goes way up, so is he taking insulin for this, then not eating much because he's so upset and not getting much rest at all? This time it's different, it is taking a lot longer for his mom to bring it back up with snacks and is happening mostly at night and in the early morning and is happening a lot. This morning early he fell twice from glucose being so low and perhaps broke a tow during the second fall. His foot was red and he was in a lot of pain when I saw him today. As Righthaven's victims 6 weeks into this, it's causing a big toll on Brian, his mom and his grandparents. Not resting while at all and very tired. Righthaven does not care what type of pain they inflict on their victims and their victim's families and friends. They feel like if you have a photo on your website or even a few lines, then you are a thief, so they sentence you as they are now acting as the judge and jury to a life of torture. Of course, did you "steal" anything? Last time I checked, these photos are still on the Denver Post site. This was for the purpose of Brian's answers to the court is the only reason I was there. I will never go to any of the newspapers that have hired Righthaven to sue for them. Wait until you, your family or friend are the next victim, you will know exactly what I mean. Did anyone steal this photo? If someone "steals" something, you can't see that product anymore. There is a true Judge out there, sorry, Righthaven, it is not you. He is God Almighty. He in the end will have the final judgement. Sorry for all of the pain you have inflicted on innocent people on the Internet because you will have to experience every one of these pains in the day of Judgement. Sorry too that you are causing loss of freedom of speech because of your lawsuits. In the end, you and all of us, will reap what we have sowed! I don't think God will judge us as "thieves" since sharing is an act of "love and kindness" not a crime, and we have all been doing this since the World wide web started!!
    Brian's grandmother, Stella

  2. Stella, keep the faith. Brian wrote this morning and I told him to take care of his health. His attorneys will do what is needed.

    Terry Pelz
    American Justice Dot Org

  3. To go even further I have warned over 50 webmasters to either take down the patdown photo or use another non-copyrighted patdown photo so that these lawsuits can never happen again, ever.

    The lawsuit machine law firm, it's the end of the line buddy!!! No more lawsuits!

    You bullied me long enough [redacted] now it's time I and others warn every webmaster that the patdown photo is toxic due to copyright law.

  4. Brian has now officially been put under a gag order. He is now gagged to the teeth so now I am covering Brian's case. Whatever I can dig up I will post here.



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