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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Utah Blogger Creates Chart Depicting Timeline and Number of Righthaven Lawsuits

Utah blogger Ken Bingham, who has written several blog posts in expectation that the Salt Lake Tribune will soon align with Righthaven & Company, recently created a chart depicting the timeline and number of lawsuits filed by the copyright trolling group. Bingham noted in an email to us that prior to the "TSA enhanced pat-down" photo -- the spike in January -- the filings were already in decline.

Righthaven Victim Chart: Mar 2010 - Feb 2011
I compiled the data from your site to make this chart showing the number of cases Righthaven has filed since the beginning. It is interesting to note that before they received the copyright to the pat-down photo they were already in decline. The pat-down photo gave them a boost but very short lived. There is a 70% drop in new lawsuits from January where there was a record 34 suits filed and February were there were only 10. It will be interesting to see the March numbers reflecting the decline. I have a feeling Righthaven is having difficulty acquiring new material particularly from the LVRJ and Denver Post. The pressure on them with counter suits and especially the Brian Hill effect has clearly had an impact. - Ken Bingham, Ogden Utah
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  1. Thanks for posting my chart and analysis. I have also written about this on the blog oneutah.



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