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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Case Against Michael Leon Dismissed Without Prejudice

Righthaven Case Against MAL Dismissed
Thanks to the work of an array of brilliant attorneys and friends, [hat tip to J. Malcolm DeVoy of Randazza Legal Group], Righthaven's case against me was dismissed (without prejudice) this morning by the Honorable Judge Gloria M. Navarro, United States District Court for the District of Nevada.
The status of litigation against my co-defendant, Denise Nichols, a Vietnam-era, Gulf War veteran, and a retired U.S. Air Force flight nurse—who spends her time when not fighting off ailments sustained in the '91 Gulf War—helping other veterans is not yet clear...
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The copyright infringement lawsuit against Michael Leon and co-defendant Denise Nicoles, a Gulf War Veteran and a retired U.S. Air Force flight nurse, was filed in September 2010. The case against Leon was dismissed because he was not served on time. The was also true in the lawsuit against Michael Nystrom, whose case was dismissed in March.

As mentioned in Leon's post, the strain upon Denise has taken a heavy toll. His MAL Contends website is accepting legal and financial assistance to help Denise. A congratulations though, is still due: Congratulations! Your case is also the first to be dismissed since critical information was unsealed last week by Chief U.S. District Judge Roger Hunt.

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