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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Righthaven, Meet My Little Friend KARMA

Oh what a difference having your dirty laundry exposed for all to see makes. Righthaven LLC, the front company of Stevens Media owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal, is getting their much deserved comeuppance with a string of key court losses, embarrassing missteps and now a kill shot against them when the working agreement between Stephens Media and Righthaven was unsealed by a Nevada Federal Judge and exposed their unholy alliance which confirmed our suspicions that all was not right with Righthaven. During their year long reign of terror they have been on a suing spree against small time bloggers, disabled people, veterans, cat ladies with a smug and misguided air of righteousness that they were only trying to stop copyright infringement.

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  1. I write about my persecution by RH (and the silence by other bloggers/MSM:

    Is this the end of predator copyright troll Righthaven's flight under the media radar? (I was slapped in March).


  2. I understand what you mean by the media. Except for the Las Vegas Sun there have been very reports. Infact there have been some reports from MSNBC and other sources that have actually deleted negative stories on Righthaven. As you know Dean Singleton who has been a Righthaven supporter and chairman of the AP is powerful in the news industry and I would not doubt he has pressed news organizations not to report on this.

    I was thinking maybe some news outlets were just taking a wait and see approach but these new revelations have not even got the MSM to react so I am not holding my breath.

    All of this has restored my faith in the justice system but shot any faith I had in the news media. They take care of each other.

  3. Thank you Pam; I'll get you added to the post. I am so sorry that you have to contend with this. I am so glad you are writing.

  4. LOL Ken- meet my little friend Karma! I love it.


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