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Monday, April 18, 2011

Righthaven Turnover Rate Resembles Fast Food Chain Operation

One Attorney Not Even Registered with the Nevada State Bar

Just how many months can a Righthaven attorney be expected to do the "heavy lifting" in their ongoing "sham" copyright claims? According to the Las Vegas Sun, not very long. In yet another article posted Friday, they reported the following:
Righthaven observers note another attorney for the firm, Anne Pieroni, has left Righthaven for undisclosed reasons. Attorneys John Charles Coons, Joseph Chu and Ikenna Odunze left earlier.
With Righthaven CEO and attorney Steven Gibson working on unrelated cases for the Detroit-based firm Dickinson Wright PLLC, the heavy lifting at Righthaven lately has been handled by Las Vegas attorneys Mangano and Steven Ganim. Another attorney, who hasn't been named, is expected to come on board soon.
One has to wonder how Righthaven employment on a résumé is perceived by potential new employers? As for the unnamed new attorney, one has to wonder the questions thrown out in the interview process: Are you up for the task of being called a copyright troll, copyright extortionist, parasitic bottom feeder, perpetrating a fraud upon the court, engaging in unclean hands and more?

Are you up to squeezing autistic individuals on a fixed income, or having your correspondences leaked to the media? (Pieroni and Odunze have since left the firm.) Are you up to "name-calling and saber-rattling" in what observers believe to be a set up for a recusal motion, which may invite severe consequences? It's unknown how long attorneys Shawn Mangano and Steve Ganim will last.

Attorney Steven Ganim is not even registered as a member of the Nevada State Bar.


  1. An outgoing Righthaven lawyer may think twice about listing it on their resume but since many employers are now doing at least basic Google searches on potential employees I don't think they will get away with it but hey the RIAA will probably take them.

  2. This is interesting I went to http://righthaven.com and the site was down so either Righthaven has taken down their site or it has been hacked.

  3. I have a feeling Righthaven is already preparing to go out of business.


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