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Friday, April 29, 2011

Veteran's Advocate Pushes to Alter Language in Dismissal; Updates on Numerous Cases

Veterans Advocate Not Satisfied With Offer to Drop Copyright Lawsuit
Righthaven LLC/Denver Post lawsuit defendant Denise Nichols remains unhappy — despite efforts by Righthaven to dismiss its lawsuit against her.
Nichols, a retired Air Force nurse, served in the Vietnam era and in combat in the first Gulf War.
As an advocate for veterans who works to provide them information, she ran into trouble with Righthaven for allegedly posting a Denver Post column of interest to veterans to the website veteranstoday.com.
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Updates on defendants Todd Taliaferro of Fort Lauderdale, David Rozzell of Katy, Texas, William Sumner of Dailykix.com, Virginia Citizens Defense League and Dean Mostofi.

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