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Monday, April 25, 2011

Veterans Come Together to Oppose Righthaven - MAL Contends Blog

Righthaven victim Denise Nichols has posted an entry to the MAL Contends blog. Nichols was recently mentioned in a post regarding Michael Leon. It appears that her case too has been dismissed. She also points out yet another military veteran, Wayne Hoehn, who is being sued by Righthaven. Nichols urges veterans to come together to help put an end to these lawsuits.

Veterans Come Together to Oppose Righthaven
My purpose in part in writing this is to say ‘ thank you’ to all, and single out another defendant, another veteran who is a victim of Righthaven, Wayne Hoehn, who out of a sense of duty that Righthaven will never comprehend contacted from out of the blue and supported me in my defense.
In Wayne’s case, Righthaven LLC v. Hoehn, Righthaven attacks another veteran, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran.
What is it about veterans—Larry Scott, POW Network, Veterans Today, Wayne Hoehn and who knows who else...
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Righthaven Victims website urges veterans to contact the MAL Contends website operator to learn more.

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