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Monday, May 23, 2011

Many Denver Residents Remain 'In the Dark' About the Post's Involvement with Righthaven

Unlike the situation with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, whose competitor, the Las Vegas Sun, has been keeping local residents aware of the Review-Journal's role in Righthaven's "sue without warning" lawsuits, the situation in Denver is quite different. The Denver Post has no local large competitor (it shut down in 2009). So if one only reads the Post and neglects free area newspapers, like Westword or the Denver Daily News, one might not know the role the Post is playing in these lawsuits.
The Denver Post barely covers Righthaven copyright lawsuits. The Las Vegas Review-Journal was similarly tight-lipped.
I recently emailed a Denver friend, who practices law in a different area than Intellectual Property. I asked him to, "Keep your ears open about the class-action suit being brought by Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP." He replied back, "Will do....but since the Denver Post won't cover the story, and the main news radio station, KOA 850 AM, is a 'partner' with the Denver Post, they probably won't report on the story either...so I really wonder if the local media will talk about it at all!"

I then searched for the Denver Post's mission statement, but came up empty handed. When searching "About" and "Denver Post," I found their Media Kit, which lacks a mission statement too. This contrasts greatly to what I found after switching gears to the Las Vegas Sun's website. At the bottom of each page is a link: Learn more about the LasVegasSun.com. "Fighting for the little guy" is the first part of the Sun's mission statement. Having not seen this page before, I was moved to tears.

Lights Out for Denverites

The Post's backing of Righthaven lawsuits in conjunction with an absent local competing newspaper is deeply disconcerting. Too many Denverites do not know about the frame-up jobs on defendants Brian Hill, Dana Eiser, Denise Nicols and many others, whose use of the Post's material clearly falls under Fair Use. If I were a Denver Post employee, I would be ashamed, and perhaps some of them are. Then again, we are talking about a company that is "missionless," by their own editorial choice.

"Righthaven" search results for the Denver Post
"Righthaven" search results for the Review-Journal


  1. righthaven needs to be destroyed. target there leadership with lawsuits and the press and blogs about the underhanded tactics they are using . people of a low moral standard would only do this . kinda like protection money like the mob used to do ...maybe a mob front ??????????

  2. There is the Denver Daily News http://thedenverdailynews.com/

    They have run some stories on Righthaven. I wish they would run more though.

    I have contacted Denver Post and they say they have nothing to do with it and say to contact Media News Group but Media News Group has not responded to a single email or inquiry. This lack of communication with Media News Group shows they may own newspapers but they are not interested in being responsive to the community.


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