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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Righthaven and Stephens Media Amend Strategic Alliance Agreement

In what amounts to an admission that the Strategic Alliance Agreement that governs the copyright assignments between Righthaven and Stephens Media was wholly inadequate and puts to even further question every lawsuit regarding those involving Stephens Media prior to Monday and could also implicate those regarding the Denver Post if Media News have a similar arrangement.

U.S District Judge Mahan, presiding over a case in Nevada, has given Righthaven notice they must show cause why at least one lawsuit should not be thrown out based on Righthaven's standing to sue. The fact that Righthaven and Stephens Media has seen fit to change their agreement severely weakens their argument and now opens up both entities to potentially massive liabilities.

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  1. Under the new agreement Stephens Media will pay Righthaven $1 in royalties. So in that case Righthaven themselves have set the value of their copyright to $1. Judges should take that in consideration if Righthaven is ever awarded damages to the maximum of $1

  2. I struggle to understand the meaning and reasoning of this new agreement.

    It's really sad that Stephens Media "stole" the "parasitic" description of themselves from BNET writer Erik Sherman. Talk about "projection", lack of original intellect and "stealing."

    And gee, if only contractual agreements could be retroactively enacted at the whim of its creators...

  3. fairuser

    And as if the only problem with the original agreement was that Righthaven wasn't getting any royalties. This new agreement and their $1 royalty fee is an even bigger sham.


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