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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Judge Hunt Dismisses Another Righthaven Lawsuit Due to Lack of Standing

Judge Tosses Righthaven Suit Against Former Prosecutor
Another bitterly-contested Righthaven copyright infringement lawsuit was dismissed in Las Vegas today – but this time there was no determination about fair use.
Roger Hunt, chief U.S. District Court judge for Nevada, today dismissed the Righthaven LLC lawsuit alleging copyright infringement against former federal prosecutor Thomas DiBiase.
Just as he ruled last week in the Democratic Underground case, Hunt today found Righthaven lacked standing to sue DiBiase.
See: Article in full | View: Dismissal Ruling by Judge Hunt

Hunt also noted that Judge Philip Pro found this week that Righthaven still lacks standing to sue after it's May 9 "clarification" of the Strategic Alliance Agreement.

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