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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Righthaven Uses Patent Law Analogy in Recent Filing Signed by Dale Cendali

Righthaven Now Likening Itself to Patent Enforcers
As for Righthaven likening its business model to “nonpracticing entities” in the patent field, one Righthaven observer was skeptical Friday.
“The invocation of patent law as a guide for a copyright case struck me as a little desperate. While courts sometime cross-pollinate between the two doctrines, the copyright statute has very specific requirements for standing to sue as well as a 9th Circuit (Court of Appeals) case directly on point. Righthaven reached for patent law analogies because the more directly applicable law wasn’t favorable,” said Associate professor Eric Goldman of the Santa Clara University School of Law in California and director of its High Tech Law Institute.
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The VEGAS INC article also discusses the extensive answer and counterclaim filed by attorneys representing Dana Eiser and the appearance of Steve Gibson on "Face to Face with Jon Ralston."

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  1. The scumbag copyright trolls are now saying they are just like scumbag patent trolls.


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