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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sherman Frederick's Lifting GametimeIP's Content Takes on a Life of Its Own

Sherman Frederick may have more headaches besides defending himself against a lawsuit in South Carolina. We reported that Sherman Frederick had lifted parts of three paragraphs from the blog gametimeIP.com. Patrick Anderson is an IP lawyer with a good sense of humor where IP goes. He is offering up for sale at GametimeIP, with FULL copyrights, the three articles in question and not just the right to sue. It will be interesting to see if anyone takes him up on it.

Others are now weighing in on this story as well.

Techdirt: Want to give Righthaven's backers a Taste of Their Own Medicine
Patrick Anderson, who had been inundated with questions about this, has decided to put the copyrights for the three blog posts in question up for sale, so that if someone wants to sue Stephens Media and the LVRJ over Frederick's potential infringement, they can do so.
See: Full Techdirt article

EFF: Righthaven Cheerleader Wanted by Irony Police
If you don't agree that these excerpts are fair use, however, you'd be interested to know that Anderson decided to put the copyright rights for each of the three articles up for sale. Unlike Stephens Media's deal with Righthaven, GametimeIP is offering a total assignment, including the right to sue for past infringement.
See: Full EFF article

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