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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wired Interview Shows a Defiant Steve Gibson

Righthaven CEO Steve Gibson gave a very defiant response in a telephone interview given to WIRED. Gibson said “As of today, there should be no question whether Righthaven has standing,”. Oh has something changed? Is Gibson referring to the changes that Judge Hunt has already deemed "Cosmetic". Is Righthaven and Stephens Media again altering the agreement? If so it would show continued bad judgment on Stephens Media's part that has already subjected themselves to potentially massive liabilities over Righthaven.

Gibson also says they may refile suits that are either dismissed over standing or if any of those that have settled are vacated. Gibson is being defiant at a very bad time when a Federal Judge has ordered his company to explain why they should not be subject to sanctions. My guess is that these pronouncements by Gibson is not going to impress the judge.

Sorry Steve Gibson but you are no longer in a position to threaten people anymore. The Jig is up. Game Over. Checkmate. You lose!

Read Wired Story: Bloggers Mulling Legal Action Against Righthaven


  1. Righthaven is so unfeared now that even Drudge has finally linked to a story about Righthaven.

  2. Many newspapers are starting to report this and I assume many will follow. Now that a Federal Judge has ruled against Righthaven the veil of silence among the media may be lifting.

  3. “As of today, there should be no question whether Righthaven has standing,” said Steve Gibson.

    No wonder the judge criticized Righthaven for being disingenuous!

    Of course there is no question! Because the answer is "no!"


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