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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogger Ken Comments on Possible Results of $5,000 Sanction Ordered by Judge Hunt

Righthaven Sanctioned for Lying to a Federal Court
Judge Robert Hunt of the Federal Court of Nevada has issued a rule 11 citation against Righthaven for misleading a Federal Court. The fine is $5000 but the actual result of this will be DEVASTATING to Righthaven. The Nevada State Bar will have to act on this and perhaps even the Nevada Attorney General. Righthaven, Steve Gibson, and Shawn Mangano’s reputations will forever be tarnished. Righthaven is finished.
This stems from a case against the Democratic Underground who was sued by Righthaven over copyright infringement. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) defended the DU against Righthaven. Judge Hunt has already dismissed the case due to lack of standing and now has fined Righthaven for claiming they were the owners of the copyright in question even though Stephens Media only assigned them the bare minimum right to file lawsuits...
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However, after gathering a few quick opinions, the concern is that the State Bar of Nevada will drop its investigation. Why get involved after a federal judge has already meted out punishment?

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  1. We now need to put pressure on the Nevada Bar and the State Attorney General to act on this.


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