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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Judge Hunt Fines Righthaven $5,000 for Misleading Court; 'Masquerading as Company'

Earlier today, VEGAS INC reported in a brief article that U.S. District Judge Roger Hunt fined Righthaven LLC $5,000 for misleading the court about its lawsuits. No attorneys for Righthaven were personally punished by the judge. Shortly thereafter, the newspaper published a follow-up with more details. There were indeed damning aspects of Hunt's ruling, including his belief that Righaven's failure to disclose Stephens Media as an interested party was not an oversight, but intentional.

Judge: Righthaven Masquerading as a Company
Besides the $5,000, Hunt ordered Righthaven to disclose its original lawsuit contract with Stephens Media in active lawsuits over R-J material. He also ordered that a transcript of today’s hearing, in which he made several negative comments about Righthaven’s conduct, be posted on Righthaven court dockets.
“In the court’s view, the arrangement between Righthaven and Stephens Media is nothing more, nor less, than a law firm — which incidentally I don’t think is licensed to practice law in this state — with a contingent fee agreement masquerading as a company.”
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  1. That's it? No 'they need to make X changes to bring them into compliance?'

  2. "A Righthaven attorney, Shawn Mangano, said after a hearing before U.S. District Judge Roger Hunt that the firm may appeal the sanction and that its lawsuits will continue."

    Well Mr. Mangano? WE ARE WAITING TO BE SERVED. You filed against us on May 5...what is taking so long?? We imagine you will want to actually dismiss that action and file an entirely new action and complaint first so that you can argue your latest sham agreement with Stepehens Media applies. We shall wait patiently for the opportunity to fight you tooth and nail. We hope the untold hours you will have to spend in litigation with us will seem worth it considering our intention to file every appropriate motion, response and counterclaim reasonable to an aggressive and determined defense. Our first expected motion, to dismiss on various grounds, has been waiting in final draft for weeks.

    The Law Med Blog


  3. Gibson and Mangano's reputations are now in the toilet and to lawyers reputation is EVERYTHING. I suspect their futures as lawyers, or any profession for that matter, is seriously compromised.


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