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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Righthaven Ordered to Pay Attorney's Fees to Group Who Provided Pro Bono Representation

UPDATE 07/06/11: In the early hours of Wednesday, VEGAS INC posted an article about Navarro's order for Righthaven to pay attorney's fees. What remains striking is the volume of litigation errors made by Righthaven whose "sole business is litigation," commented observer Eric Goldman. Such errors also run in stark contrast to Steve Gibson's recent appearance on the Jon Ralston Show where he voiced oddities like: "Righthaven has hired some of the top lawyers across the country..."

You read the title correctly. U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro's order was issued today: Righthaven must pay for the pro bono legal services provided to defendant Michael Leon by attorney J. Malcom DeVoy of Randazza Legal Group. The case against Leon was dismissed without prejudice on April 20. Shortly thereafter, DeVoy submitted an affidavit in support of the motion for attorney's fees. The requested amount of $3,815.00 was granted by Judge Navarro on July 5 and ordered to be paid.

This is a very interesting and endearing development in Righthaven's Shakedown Operation. In the case against Leon, Righthaven failed to serve him properly, which helped his case be dismissed. (Other defendants have also been improperly served or not even served at all.) Leon was represented on a pro bono basis in the April 20 hearing. DeVoy and the Randazza Legal Group successfully argued in subsequent motions that Righthaven still must pay their legal fees -- the judge agreed.

See: Judge Navarro's order to pay attorney's fees

VEGAS INC reported today on far pricier demands for defendant's legal fees!

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