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Saturday, July 2, 2011

South Carolina Group (CALA) Granted Approval to Appear as Friend of Court in Pahrump Case

New Attacks Launched on Righthaven Litigation Campaign
In another development, Righthaven will have to deal with South Carolina attorney Todd Kincannon and his group, Citizens Against Litigation Abuse Inc., in the Pahrump Life case in Las Vegas.
Mahan has granted the group’s request to appear as a friend of the court, where it will argue Righthaven has been practicing law without a license.
“The court has reviewed the proposed brief and agrees that it may be useful to the court in ruling on the pending order to show cause why the case should not be dismissed for lack of standing,” Mahan wrote in a June 29 order.
See: Article in full | See: Brief of Amicus Curiae by CALA

The Kincannon law group is already litigating against Righthaven in three courts. Gibson and MediaNews Group (The Denver Post) must really be kicking themselves for filing the case against activist Dana Eieser.
  1. State of South Carolina Supreme Court
  2. U.S. District Court - District of South Carolina
  3. State of South Carolina, County of Charleston - Court of Common Pleas

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  1. I think Righthavn is now cannon fodder, or should I say Kincannon Fodder?


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