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Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Quadrillions' of Dollars in Potential Recovery Wrote Steve Gibson & J.D. Lowry in 2006

Defense Attorneys Step Up Criticism of Righthaven
"As early as 2006, Las Vegas attorney Steven A. Gibson wrote about what he saw as a gold mine untapped by copyright holders. 'Steven A. Gibson & J.D. Lowry, The Need for Speed: The Path to Statutory Damages in Copyright. Multiplying estimates of online infringement by the statutory damages available under the Copyright Act, Mr. Gibson saw 'quadrillions' of dollars in potential recovery. In short, he saw a path to quick riches, if only the copyright owners could be persuaded to file suit," the EFF filing said.
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  1. In other words lets sue the world for more money than has ever been made in the history of mankind and more than ever will be made.

    Gibson is a piece of work and his over exuberance thinking copyright infringement was his ticket to riches was as grossly exaggerated as by quadrillions.


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