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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maryland Defendant Continues to Push Back; Righthaven Fails To Oppose Motion To Dimiss

Righthaven Fails To Oppose Our Motion To Dimiss
Righthaven LLC had 14 days in which to file a response to our Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice for Failure to Serve the Complaint, Willful Deceit, and Failure to Comply with a Judicial Order, filed in Nevada Federal District Court on September 6th. They have failed to do so…and we did not think they would risk filing one since the only reason to would be to oppose our motion on the basis that our allegations of their multitude of lies before the court was false. In other words they would have to lie again to the court. They may finally have recognized that, even for them, there is a limit to their arrogance blinding them to their stupidity.
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See: Defendant's Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice

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  1. Righthaven sure has been difficult to reach; is having issues meeting Court orders, and now evidentally cannot be troubled with responding to a motion that rightfully notes these people are deceitful.

    What is Shawn Mangano, attorney for Righthaven, going to do now that Righthaven is on the brink?

    Hey Shawn, there is life after your law license in pulled by Nevada.

    You can always sell real estate. File for BR first, but do not move your assets to avoid paying creditors. That's bad; just ask Righthaven. We'll get that clarified soon enough.


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