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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deadline Passes: Defendant Again Asks Judge to Allow Seizure of Righthaven's Assets

UPDATE 11/1/11: A writ of execution was issued today by a federal court in Las Vegas against the "bizarre" copyright trolling group known as Righthaven. Nearly $30,000 in new attorneys' fees have been added to the original cost of legal fees owed to defendant Wayne Hoehn while his attorneys have battled to get the first $34,045 paid. Total legal fees owed by Righthaven now is $63,720.80.
YOU ARE THEREFORE COMMANDED to satisfy the said Judgment with interest and costs as provided by law and your costs and disbursements out of the personal property of said debtor ... Judgment Creditor/Plaintiff will identify to the U.S. Marshal or his representative assets that are to be seized to satisfy the judgment/order ... YOU ARE FURTHER COMMANDED if necessary, to turn over any property seized under this order to a third party custodian or to the plaintiff. The U.S. Marshal or his representative is authorized to use reasonable force in the execution ...
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A new motion by attorneys for defendant Wayne Hoehn again asks the court to allow seizure of Righthaven's assets, as once again Righthaven has refused to either satisfy the fee award or post a bond for the amount owed by October 28, 2011. The legal filing was dropped just after the Friday deadline expired for Righthaven to pay defendant Wayne Hoehn $38,045.50 in legal fees. Earlier this month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an "urgent motion" by Righthaven to stay these fees.
Righthaven has exhausted any benefit of the doubt that it could be afforded, and it is time for it to pay the consequences for its actions – starting with Hoehn’s lawful judgment plus the accrued costs and fees expended in the (so far) futile attempts to compel Righthaven to take this Court’s Orders seriously. These fees and costs are properly tacked on to the existing fee award.
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  1. The court says that the US Marshals can use "reasonable force" to enforce the judgement. Water-boarding sounds reasonable to me.


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