Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
Righthaven lawsuitsTo date Righthaven has been ordered to pay $323,138 in legal fees and sanctions.Righthaven lawsuits

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Maneuvers by Copyright Troll Righthaven to Avoid Paying Court Ordered Legal Fees

Righthaven Asks Appeals Court to Block Dismantling of the Company
Despite its backing by billionaire Arkansas investment banker Warren Stephens, copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas said Sunday it has been unable to secure a $34,045 bond to guarantee payment of a defendant’s attorney’s fees.
In an "urgent motion" filed Sunday with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, Righthaven asked the court to strike a Nevada judge’s order that it post the bond to ensure attorneys for copyright lawsuit defendant Wayne Hoehn get paid, should Righthaven lose its appeal in the Hoehn case.
See: VEGAS INC article in full

Recent Backdrop

Righthaven LLC recently made several maneuvers concerning Judge Kane's September 27 ruling dismissing all open Colorado Righthaven infringement lawsuits due to lack of standing. Both Friday and Saturday filings by Righthaven show more attempts on their part to avoid paying attorneys' fees to prevailing defendants and to preserve the right to refile lawsuits over Denver Post material. The maneuvers also come four weeks after the Denver Post did not renew its contract with Righthaven.

Since the September 27 ruling, several "pity articles" have been written about Righthaven because "normal" people are starting to feel sorry about the way Righthaven is digging themselves into an abyss. Stop feeling sorry for this copyright troll -- In a heartbeat, Righthaven would refile as many cases as possible. If for some reason an appeals court overturns rulings by judges John Kane, Phillip Pro, Roger Hunt, James Mahan or others, Righthaven will quickly resume their "practices."

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