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Monday, November 28, 2011

Righthaven Observer Notes New Copyright Office Proposal; Harms Safe Harbor Protection

Dangerous Copyright Office Proposal to Undercut the DMCA Online Safe Harbors
By Eric Goldman
In light of SOPA and its capacity to destroy the current online safe harbor scheme, it seems almost quaint to keep worrying about 17 USC 512. However, unless SOPA/PROTECT-IP passes, 512 remains an essential part of the UGC economy, and it's worth fighting to preserve the safe harbor's integrity and all of the social benefits that have flowed from it.
Recently, the Copyright Office floated a proposal that would result in websites completely losing the 512 safe harbors due to administrative technicalities. Specifically, the Copyright Office proposes to force all websites that currently have properly designated an agent for notice to re-register or they will automatically forfeit the safe harbor...
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