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Monday, December 12, 2011

Judge Allows Auction of Copyright Assets; Gibson and His Wife Must Appear in Court

U.S. District Judge Philip Pro signed an order today granting defendant Wayne Hoehn's motion to appoint a reciever to recover his legal costs. The receiver will be empowered to hold an auction to sell off Righthaven's copyrights, which may be Righthaven's only assets. The order was granted due to Righthaven's failure to file a response to the motion. In a related matter, U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Johnston ordered Steve Gibson and his wife Raisha "Drizzle" Gibson to appear in court on January 5, 2012 to provide testimony under oath about the location of Righthaven's assets.
Pursuant to the Application of Wayne Hoehn for issuance of this Court’s Order Scheduling Judgment Debtor Examination before the magistrate judge under LR IB 1-9, and production of documents, and good cause shown, it is hereby ORDERED that Steven A. Gibson and Raisha “Drizzle” Y. Gibson shall personally appear before this Court on Jan. 5, 2012. Both representatives of Righthaven shall be examined with regard to the extent and location of Righthaven’s assets that may be available to Hoehn for the purpose of satisfying this Court’s Judgment (Doc. # 44) and Writ of Execution (Doc. # 59).
Attorneys representing Hoehn, Randazza Legal Group, seek to collect over $60,000 in legal fees awarded to them. Righthaven is currently in the hole for over $225,000 in legal fees and sanctions.

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