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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tick Tock, Gibson is Due in Court Today; Tick Tock, The Auction Counts Down

UPDATE: We heard through the grapevine later this evening that neither Gibson or his wife appeared in court today. The latest VEGAS INC article contains more information, including some words from one of the attorneys defending Wayne Hoehn, J. Malcolm DeVoy IV, of Randazza Legal Group. "You’d think members of the bar -- who are officers of the court -- would give the orders of the court greater weight," said DeVoy. The debtor's examination has been rescheduled for Monday morning.

It was noted in a December blog post that U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Johnston ordered Steve Gibson and his wife Raisha "Drizzle" Gibson to appear in court on January 5, 2012 to provide testimony under oath about the location of Righthaven's assets. Today is January the 5th and we are waiting on word of today's outcome.

Domain Name Auction is Over Tomorrow

In a separate blog post, it was noted that Righthaven's domain name auction (righthaven.com) was slated to run through tomorrow, January 6th at 2:15pm CST. Currently, the bid continues to sit at $1,900. The sale of the domain name hopes to raise money to cover part of the $60,000+ in legal fees owed to defendant Wayne Hoehn.

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  1. Being a day late or not showing up at all is the norm with Righthaven not the exception. They always have the same lame excuses. Just like they abused copyright law they are now abusing the deference that Judges tend to give lawyers.

    If they do not show up again someone may want to check to make sure Steve and "Drizzle" Gibson have not skipped town or the country.


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