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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Righthaven Founder Objects to Termination; Seeks to Remove Receiver's Attorney

Independently, as addressed more fully, infra, I remain the manager of the manager of Righthaven and I should have the right to hire or terminate Righthaven counsel. By way of this Objection, I hereby seek the Court’s recognition that I have the right to terminate, and so terminate, Mr. Lichtenstein’s so-called representation of Righthaven and that any further act undertaken by Mr. Lichenstein will not be undertaken with proper authority. Indeed, Mr. Lichtenstein’s confusing appearance before the Ninth Circuit should subject both the Receiver and Mr. Lichtenstein to liability. Mr. Lichtenstein should have known that the Receiver did not follow this Court’s rules in having himself employed as counsel and therefore his appearance before the Ninth Circuit is per se malpractice and unprofessional. Mr. Lichtenstein should also have known that I remain the manager of the manager of Righthaven and therefore retain authority to conduct the affairs of Righthaven (which, as made clear, merely constitute the interface with appellate counsel to conduct the appeal as Righthaven has literally no other activity).
See: Steven Gibson's Objection to Receiver's Termination

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