Righthaven LLC -- a bottom feeding legal outfit -- has teamed up with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post to sue mom and pop websites, advocacy and public interest groups and forum board operators for copyright infringement. The strategy of Righthaven is to sue thousands of these website owners, who are primarily unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court.
Righthaven lawsuitsTo date Righthaven has been ordered to pay $323,138 in legal fees and sanctions.Righthaven lawsuits

How to Avoid a Lawsuit

News Flash: Former defendant Michael Nystrom of DailyPaul.com recently created a How-to Guide. See: Attn: Bloggers! Why You Need a DMCA Disclaimer & Copyright Registration.

1.) Designate a DMCA Agent with the U.S. Copyright Office
Many website owners may be under the impression that they are protected by the DMCA when in reality, there are very specific requirements that must be met before a website owner can invoke the DMCA safe harbor provisions. See 17 U.S.C. §512(c).
In particular, the safe harbor only applies to service providers who have designated an agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement and providing information about the agent (name, address, phone number, and electronic mail address of the agent) to the Register of Copyrights, which maintains a directory of agents available for publication inspection. See 17 U.S.C. §512(c)(2).
Related information and forms:
2.) Remove Existing Content Copyrighted by Righthaven
Follow the U.S. Copyright Public Catalog to scrub your domains of infringing content.

3.) Block All Righthaven Affiliated Newspapers from Your Browser
A comprehensive list and instruction set to BLOCK Righthaven clients.

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